How, what exactly?

I’m a Communication Designer and I’m working as part of the team of the Gute Botschafter GmbH in Haltern am See.

You could say, I’m a kind of a translator. I try to understand subjects in depth and then transfer abstract attributes and complex content into a smart visual form. The combination of mental and practical skills leads to perfectly fitting, profound and attractive design concepts.

Concretely, I develop and design visual identities, screen designs, communication campaigns, book covers and other print media. At times I also shape letters and words into slogans, headlines or text blocks.

My particular passion is brand development and the translation of a company’s identity to a coherent design concept. It’s a great feeling if step by step and throughout all the touch points a unique and appealing design language emerges and comes to life. Especially if the result is not only attractive on the surface but also helps people to solve problems and to gather a new self-confidence.