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Co-Creative Workshop

Ulrich Liesch

A number of students that were not in the regual fourth semester corporate design class participated in doing the cooperate design project. Eduard Kasdorf and me mentored these project in the summer semester 2012 as lecturer. The partaking students are mixed from different semesters, design disciplines and nations. We started the project with a one day workshop with all the students. The aim was to develop first ideas and approaches for the different project in a co-creative way. For this we used different tools from the fields “positioning”, “strategy” and “visualization”. It was an inspiring, exhausting but principally very nice day.

Ding & Unding

Ulrich Liesch

My first exhibition at the HS Pforzheim. It is a tradition that the MACD students realize a room installation in “their” room for this event. So all the thirteen students in our semester developed a concept and realized it together. The headline “Ding & Unding” means “Thing & Preposterous” and refers to the DIN (the german institute for standardization which for example defined the DIN paper size). So the clean black and white installation raised the question if some shapes are better than others and what advantages have standardized shapes compared with not standardized shapes. At the end of the exhibition the room became a nice party location.


Kick-Off in Schwäbisch Gmünd

Ulrich Liesch

Some responsible at the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd could make it possible that the concept of our bachelor project can find the way to a realization in practice. Patroness for the project is Gisela Erler, the state council for civil society and civic participation. The project's aim is that students and non-profit organizations work together on new corporate designs for the organizations. To start the pro­ject there was a kick off event at 8 November. After the headmistress Cristina Salerno had welcomed everyone present, Gisela Erler talked about the relevance of social commitment. After that Eduard Kasdorf and me explained the process and the intentions of the project. Dr. Oliver Viest (chief executive of the agency “em faktor – die Kommunikationsagentur”) gave an insight what are the speci­fics when you do projects for NPOs. And finally Ingrid Junghans (marketing director for “Brot für die Welt”) spoke about design processes in this organization.



Bachelor of Arts

Ulrich Liesch


At the end of each semester there are the traditional exhibitions at most of the design schools where people can see the semester projects and can talk with the students. All the graduates get an own stand for these two days to present their projects. So also my project partner Eduard Kasdorf and me had a stand where we displayed our bachelor project “cooperate design”.