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Society Designer


Society Designer

The title of my theoretical Master's thesis contains the statement “What politics can learn from design”. In this study I examined if it is possible to transfer know­ledge from design process to political processes with the aim of societal benefit. Basis of this work is an expanded definition of the term design that also includes immaterial design and which becomes more important in younger design history.

At first the optimization processes in design and politics are analyzed and com­pared. After that the study focuses on the design knowledge which is more than aesthetical or technical knowledge and also includes ways of thinking, skills or attitudes. Finally is explained if and how this knowledge can be transferred to political processes and might lead to societal benefit. On the one hand by giving new impetus to develop solutions for complex political challenges and on the other hand by supporting them to adjust to the new requirements of a dynamical and citizen-oriented Network society.

The complete thesis (in German) can be downloaded here as PDF.