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Works (in progress)

Ulrich Liesch

Currently, I’m working on different projects, big and small. Here are insights in some of them. On behalf of a clothing chain, I develop basic positioning and first concept ideas for a possibility of their own label. Feris Fahrschule opened a second driving school in a new location, and they need that to appear in their corporate design. An Upper Swabian chemical company developed a surface treatment innovation for which a B2B communication strategy shall lead to the appropriate attention in this sector. And the prestigious orchestra from Baltringen gets a design concept for flyers, posters and newspaper ads to announce their yearly concert which in this year combines classical concert music with Latin American rhythms.


Ulrich Liesch

For almost five weeks, the beautiful city of Amsterdam has been my new home. At the perfect time – beginning of spring and right before the legendary queensday – I moved on short notice to the city of water, bricks and countless bicycles. 
The reason for this is a several-month project with the aim to develop a strategic and forward-looking master plan for the city of Pforzheim, will provide a framework for concrete actions and urban construction projects.
Here I am working for and with Sam Colijn, founder of the Trend-, Brand- and Design-Agency “Out Of Office” and in close collaboration with the architectural office “van Dongen – Koschuch | Architects and Planners” and its founders Frits van Dongen and Patrick Koschuch. In an interdisciplinary team we will investigate and analyze; typical urban structures, citizens’ needs, characteristic features of the city and general social trends in order to develop a sustainable, and profound future concept that is suitable for the city of Pforzheim.

Masters of Arts

Ulrich Liesch


The past four months were very intensive and the topics design and politics were always in mind since these were in center of my master's thesis. To deal with design in this very theoretical way was a quite interesting and instructive experience. And time after time I noticed parallels between this theoretical development process and a practical design process: lots of material and information is collected, then within this chaos is searched for connections and patterns that finally lead to a form that is inherently consistent. On 25 January was the presentation of our works and a colloquium. At the end of the studies at HS Pforzheim was the Werkschau on 8 and 9 February. Here we got our certificates and presented our works within a room installation with lots of packing cases.

Summer Semester 2012

Ulrich Liesch

P asta dough banners in the room installation for the exhibition in Pforzheim

Pasta dough banners in the room installation for the exhibition in Pforzheim

The MACD-course in Zurich

The MACD-course in Zurich

cooperate-design-projects at the exhibition in Schwäbsich Gmünd (Photo: Ingrid Scholz, copyright: HfG, 14.7.2012)   

cooperate-design-projects at the exhibition in Schwäbsich Gmünd (Photo: Ingrid Scholz, copyright: HfG, 14.7.2012)


The second and last regular course semester at HS Pforzheim is over. Besides the usual classes, the MACD course did these semester different field trips to the DMY in Berlin, to the documenta in Kassel and to Zurich. For the traditional exhibition at the end of the semester we hang up typographical and in parts fragmented banners made of pasta dough.

Video that shows our cooking performance

At the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd has the cooperate design project taken place in this semester. Nine non-profit organizations across very different topics worked together with students and developed together new corporate designs for their organizations. The results were very good and some of them will be realized.

Report of the project