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Pforzheim Leitbild


Leitbild Pforzheim

This project for the City of Pforzheim is the result of a close and interdisciplinary collaboration between the Dutch offices “Out Of Office” by Sam Colijn and “Van Dongen – Koschuch | Architects and Planners” as well as representatives of the City of Pforzheim.
A “Leitbild” (general principle) as a basis for a long-term strategy in urban planning should be outlined. It should investigate on how the city defines itself, including its significant potentials and strengths.
Under the keyword “Connecting the Dots” we started with a multi-layered research. Besides the analysis of statistical data and factual sources, we also initiated workshops with inhabitants and included results from civic participation processes. The historical heritage was investigated, as well as coming trends that may influence the city. 
The result was a simplified model of six focus areas which are identity-establishing, offer potentials and can be a basis for the city’s long-term development. In the summarizing book, these six focus areas are used as the basic structure and are distinguished by its specific colours. The connection of the different sources, symbolized through different pictograms, is metaphorically visualized by a connecting line through each of the chapters. 

The shown images are from a work version of the book which was distributed to the members of the city’s local government as a basic for further discussions. 


Project Participants:

Out Of Office: Sam Colijn, Ulrich Liesch
Van Dongen – Koschuch | Architects and Planners: Frits van Dongen, Patrick Koschuch, Lorna Gibson, Ard de Vries
Stadt Pforzheim: Mayor Gert Hager, Michael Wolf, Martin Göckler