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Dr. Haus


Dr. Haus

This very conceptual project was developed in the first semester of the masters program in Pforzheim. The only target was to develop something to improve the health system in any way. We focused on the fact that there is often a bad infor­mation exchange between the different persons within the health system. We collected different ideas how to optimize this problem and finally decided to conceive a smartphone application. 

The application is a tribute to the traditional family doctor (German: Haus-Arzt). He once was very familiar with his patients, knew the whole health history and was closely connected to the patient's medical specialists and pharmacists. 
Dr. Haus collects all the medical patient data, organizes them, links them and makes them easy and mobile available for the patient as a digital health record. The patient is now independent in the center and can coordinate the exchange of information between the different doctors, clinics and pharmacists. So the pati­ent can be advised and treated more effectively without having the feeling that he can't control the data flow.

Project partner: Ana Chávez, Katharina Fischer, Ana Gatzionis, Julia Obermeier