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belka professionals


Belka Professionals

This project for the newly founded Dutch company in the recruitment sector was developed during my freelance work for “Out Of Office” in Amsterdam. The provided service of the company is to connect European companies and Russian recruitment agencies and thereby support their search for highly skilled professionals in Russia. The task was to develop a holistic communication concept, including the naming and the corporate design. The basic metaphor is the quick and well-prepared squirrel (Russian: belka). In the Russian tale of “Tsar Saltan”, there is a magical squirrel of the prince Gvidon that finds golden nuts filled with emeralds. This squirrel is a master in finding the most valuable nuts, which shows in a figurative way the skills of the recruitment contractor: finding of the best professionals. 
A flexible logo visualizes the added value that the service offers to European companies: the connection of the Russian Agencies’ forces that lead to a network and enables the finding of the perfect matches.

Here you find the process that shows the development of this project.